Victims of 1969

When young, our dreamy eyes 

saw no God in our sun-mirror

just a landing on the moon

and a dead oracle

in a glass-cage

from a sunken Atlantis

We were acrobats in the art of living

hanging in the trapezes of freedom

without any safety to save us

if we would fall or fail

in the circus of egalitarianism

Condemned to death

looking at the world up-side-down

Our lives were sold

for the idea of solidarity

Solidarity: a tire of gold

as unfit for our lives

as a golden wheel

is unfit for the hard road

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21.03 | 22:18

tack inger du gjorde ett bra jobb när du rensade vårt hus

31.08 | 12:01

Hej jag har en kurs med seans 18.00, onsd. den 2 sept, 2015.Anmälan 070-1183896

25.06 | 13:43

Thanks to you, as well, Anna, It was a pleasure to meet you. Good luck in the future!

25.06 | 06:58

Thank you for the reading. It put everything in place and gave me a good oversight. Lots to think and act about, and appreciate your good advice.

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